diseño de muebles a medida

Catálogo Monolito de Muebles a Medida

Diseño de muebles a medida con estilo sólido, aire atemporal y contemporáneo.

En la fabricación intervienen maestros artesanos que emplean materiales nobles, robustos y duraderos de primera calidad.

Diseño de muebles a medida personalizados

¿Has visto un diseño de mueble a medida y te gustaría adaptarlo a tu estilo y espacio disponible? 

Nuestros maestros carpinteros, herreros, marmolistas, vidrieros son capaces de adaptar cualquier diseño a tu gusto.

Muebles de diseño a medida con estilo

Te ayudamos a hacer realidad ese espacio soñado, ya sea para el interior de una casa, chalet, local u oficina. 

Si lo que deseas es reformar o actualizar el interior de tu barco, somos especialistas en interiorismo naval. ¡Llámanos!

Discover our catalogue of furniture design

Catalog of unique pieces of furniture with a solid style of a contemporary and timeless air, manufactured in collaboration of local master craftsmen through the use of noble, robust and durable materials.

Special orders

Have you seen a product from our catalog but you would like that the dimensions, materials or finishes be different matching better to your space and style?

Would you like to extrapolate the style of design of one of our furniture to another typology of furniture?

We have a wide range of professional artisans from the Iberian Peninsula, selected based on their quality, such as carpenters, blacksmiths, marble workers, glassmakers ... which allows us to have a wide range of possibilities and be flexible based on your needs. 

Custom project design

We help you to materialize that dream space, either for the interior of a house or for commercial environments such as a local shops or offices. If what you want is to reform or update the interior of your boat, we are specialists in naval interior design. 

We will design these exclusive furniture and tailor-made solutions, always based on your requirements, while we coordinate the manufacture with a wide range of carefully chosen artisans.

Our goal is to guarantee the highest quality during the process and achieve the delivery times while helping to optimize your spaces at the same time that we help you to optimize your spaces combining practicality, durability and beauty.

Featured products

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It is a furniture design editor that designs and collaborates in the manufacture with master craftsmen from the Iberian Peninsula. Our intention is to preserve and modernize the artisan excellence, preventing that these professions disappear from our territory losing that valuable knowledge. Value and culture transmitted from generation to generation, from father to son, from master to apprentice...

All our products are conceived in noble, robust and durable materials. They are those objects that we inherit, that maintain a portion of the essence of those people who have given life and enjoyed them.


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